Energy Markets Analyst

About us:

Workbench Energy is a fast-growing software and services company specializing in electricity markets. We help large power users, distributed energy resources (think industrial-size batteries), and grid-connected generators optimize revenues, cost savings, and carbon impacts. Our software, tools, and experience are leading the enablement of Ontario’s modern power grid with distributed and sustainable resources.

About the Role:

At Workbench Energy, we strive to understand the specific needs of each client and to ensure that the service we’re providing meets those needs. Our client support includes commercial operations support in the Ontario energy market for dispatchable generation, storage and load facilities with varying capacity obligations, and demand response resources participating in annual capacity auctions. Our Energy Operations team manages the real-time interactions in the IESO markets. As an Energy Markets Analyst, you would be supporting the real-time desk in analysis, reporting, settlements, and operational feedback of loads, generators, and electricity storage facilities. You would be helping to support interactions in the market through the transition into the new IESO market design under the Market Renewal Program (MRP).

This position will lay the foundation for a successful career in Ontario’s energy and sustainability sector, with growth opportunities within our organization as the sector, and our place within it, continue to evolve.

We’re looking for applicants with relevant university education, working experience in the Ontario power sector and in energy management and sustainability, and a keen focus on building and maintaining strong relationships with clients in the energy sector.

Your Success:

Your success as a member of our Energy Markets team will require you to be organized, detail-oriented, interested in learning and understanding the nuances of the IESO market rules, and an excellent communicator. You will build an understanding of the energy and carbon markets to provide valuable research, analysis, communication, and support to the internal team and clients.

We will provide you with training on our current clients, IESO interactions, and our suite of services: those in production and those in development. We will include you in our internal MRP. Ultimately, you’ll be responsible for ongoing meter management, client reporting, filing settlement disagreements, and using your growing understanding of the IESO markets to help transition clients through MRP.

Desired Skills and Qualifications:

  • Positive, self-motivated.
  • Interested in power and sustainability.
  • Logical and practical, with proven problem-solving abilities
  • A spreadsheet guru, or at least a guru-in-training. Our clients like data. We like data. You should definitely like data.
  • A great communicator – written and verbal communication skills are key to your success.
  • A team player! We are a small team, so fit is important.
  • Hold a Bachelor’s degree or diploma in data science or engineering; or have equivalent experience in IESO settlements and operations.
  • Proficient with the Microsoft Office suite, in particular Excel and PowerPoint.
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