Market Operations
Market Operations
Market Operations

Energy Market Operations

Our trusted experts enable high performing energy projects with our energy desk and by making smart strategic moves every step of the way.

Our People

Uniquely Experience Experts

Career energy experts with deep experience in energy markets for small, medium and large-scale generator and energy storage projects in Ontario.

Our People

24 / 7 Energy Desk

We operate a 24 / 7 energy desk supporting hundreds of megawatts of direct participation into the IESO programs and markets for generators, energy storage, and demand response.

Peak Advisory

Software Enabled Platform

Utilizing the latest in automation and AI techniques, our market operations platform gives our customers the edge and an unparalleled experience.


Our market operations platform enables small, medium and large generators in Ontario to participate in IESO programs and markets to maximize returns. We work with our customers from the planning and enablement right through to market operations and settlements. With hundreds of megawatts of generator power under management, trust our experienced team to be a key part of your project’s success.

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Energy Storage

With deep experience in the energy storage industry, our market operations team works with both in-front of the meter and behind-the-meter storage projects to maximize earnings potential in IESO programs and markets, including peak avoidance, demand response and energy markets. Find out why we are the trusted partners for many of the energy storage projects in Canada.

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Demand Response

Demand Response

Our demand response service enables large curtailers of power to participate as direct market participants in the IESO demand response program. This approach can increase available revenues, decrease costs to participate and lessen the hours required for test activations.

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Experienced Energy Professionals

Our market operations team is comprised of experienced energy professionals who have managed multi-hundred-megawatt power plants, energy storage facilities of various technologies and configurations, and done extensive work with responsive loads in Ontario.

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Trusted Consultant to Ontario Energy Agencies

Expertise recognized and used by Ontario energy agencies for a variety of topics related to generation facilities, fuel management and settlements.

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Trusted by Private Operations

Engagements on special projects in the private sector for gas contracting, settlements, commercial contracts and settlement.

Market Operations

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