Market Operations
Market Operations
Market Operations

Specialty Consulting

Our trusted experts will help you deliver high performing energy projects by making smart, strategic moves every step of the way.

Section Evolution

Section Evolution is Real

Advancements in technology impact our energy system’s priorities, regulatory frameworks, and market rules. Engaging in, understanding and preparing for the inevitable changes will enable your business to not only ride through the change but help drive it.

Our People

Our Core is Our People

We have a staff of experienced, practiced and principled people, each with a long history with Ontario’s energy markets. From project development to gas procurement to operations to settlement, we’ve seen it, we’ve done it, and we’ll strive to make it easier for you.

Complex System

Our System is Complex

Capacity contracts, regulated resources, capacity auctions, ancillary services, energy, operating reserve, market renewal, carbon tax, fuel procurement, gas management, market rules, joint optimization, must-offer requirements, outages, long term planning; let our knowledge be your knowledge.

Energy Market & Commercial Contracts

We aim to raise the bar in the Ontario sector, ensuring that our clients understand their obligations and opportunities. Ontario’s electricity system is supported by a diverse group of supply and demand-side resources, each with its commercial arrangements. We have worked extensively with facilities, utilities and agencies to help our clients understand the obligations and incentives of specific capacity structures and how those structures can drive operating decisions. You know your equipment’s capabilities, we know how to find value for those capabilities in Ontario’s electricity system. Let’s work together.

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Fuel Supply & Management

We can help you optimize your fuel supply. Many of our clients, from industrial loads to generators, rely on the procurement of natural gas to drive their operation. Our people have hands-on experience in structuring supply arrangements, including term and daily commodity purchases and sales, firm and interruptible transportation and distribution services, short and long term storage and the nomination of these multiple services and processes across pipeline operators.

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