ICI Masterclass

A virtual event for sharing knowledge and best-practice in Ontario’s Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI)

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Achieving Organizational Buy-In

One of the most challenging aspects of the ICI is gaining buy-in throughout the organization for modifying operational behaviour or making technology investments. From demonstrating the value to upper management to earning support from workers on the plant floor or in the mine, success in the ICI program requires getting the full team on board. Our guests are experienced energy managers who have demonstrated excellence with the ICI program. In this session they discuss some of their experiences and challenges getting organizational buy-in for a high-functioning ICI response.

Guest Speakers

Elissa Williamson

Senior Energy Management Specialist, Evolution Mining (Red Lake Gold Mine)

Hassan Al-Saleem

Senior Plant Manager, PepsiCo Inc

Global Adjustment and Opportunities Beyond

Two of Ontario’s leading energy service providers discuss the ICI and how it interplays with other IESO programs and markets. Whether participating in demand response through the capacity market or earning revenue through offering operating reserves, Ontario power consumers have a range of opportunities to maximizing the value of their power flexibility. In this session, our guests discuss the particulars of these markets and programs, what is involved, and how these value streams can work together.

Guest Speakers

Molly Jerrard

Director Wholesale Markets and Asset Management, Enel X

Heather Sears

VP Market Services, Workbench Energy

A View from the IESO Control Room

Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) works at the heart of Ontario’s power system. Amongst other key services across the electricity sector, the IESO manages the power system in real-time and produces demand forecasts to help enable an efficient electricity marketplace. The industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) plays an important role during the highest demand days of the year and introduces unique benefits and challenges to system operators. In this session, learn how the ICI intersects with the IESO’s day-ahead and real-time operations.

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Guest Speakers

David Short

Senior Director, Power System Assessments, Independent Electricity System Operator

Aaron Lampe

Workbench Energy

Automation and Power Monitoring

The dynamic nature of the ICI has had organizations in search of power flexibility within existing systems to maximize the benefit of the program. Toyota’s Woodstock manufacturing plant has invested in power monitoring and automation designed to allow certain equipment and processes to be responsive to times when the power system is experiencing peak conditions. In this session, hear about Toyota’s journey to an automated ICI response.

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Guest Speakers

John Goodfellow

Facilities Engineering, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada

Yoann Briant

Senior Director, Digital Energy, Schneider Electric Canada

On-Site Generation and Hybrid Systems

Curtailing load for ICI may not be an option for certain facilities for reasons such as having critical or uninterruptible power needs. Installing on-site generation is one solution to enable participation in the ICI while providing additional site benefits. Iridian, an Ottawa based company that manufactures optical filter solutions, recently installed an on-site gas generator and lithium-ion UPS system to improve power quality, power reliability and to lower global adjustment costs. Toromont Power Systems owns on-site generation located at a Municipal Hospital in Ontario where it provides redundant power supply while also being responsive to grid system peaks. This session focuses on the experience of planning, installing, and operating on-site generation systems.

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Guest Speakers

Alain Bolduc

Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Iridian Spectral Technologies

Lou Colangelo

General Manager, Power Generation Systems, Toromont Cat

Energy Storage in Action

Supported with an on-site energy storage system, organizations in Ontario are becoming much more sophisticated participants in the Ontario power system. From helping achieve lower global adjustment costs to enabling participation in IESO programs and markets, energy storage offers an emissions-free solution to replace or complement existing curtailment strategies. As this new class of assets is deployed across Ontario, learn what to expect throughout the process.

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Guest Speakers

Matt Stewart

Director of Operations, Energy Solutions, Spark Power

Justin Rangooni

Executive Director, Energy Storage Canada