Reduce downtime, increase confidence, and save more on Global Adjustment costs.

Ontario’s largest power consumers rely on NRG Peaks to accurately identify the risk of ICI peak hours.

Unmatched Record

Over ten years of peak advisory experience have earned us an unparalleled record and positioned us as the largest provider of curtailment services in Ontario.

Real Intelligence

We pair modern machine learning techniques with Ontario energy market experts to deliver you the most accurate information.

Advanced Platform

Our dashboard, tools and features are state-of-the-art and built with the input of our customers who are some of Ontario’s leading energy managers.

Step 1: On-Boarding and Training
Step 2: Seasonal and Monthly Information
Step 3: Notifications and Alerts
Step 4: Reporting
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Step 1: On-Boarding and Training

Our on-boarding process involves enabling data features for each of your facilities, registering dashboard and notification users, and hosting a training session for your team on the ICI program, features within our service, and other important information.

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Step 2: Seasonal and Monthly Information

Gain access to webinar sessions held ahead of summer and winter peak seasons. Learn about program rule changes, market changes, feature updates and expectations for the season ahead.

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Step 3: Notifications and Alerts

Notifications of upcoming periods of risk will be communicated by email, including day-ahead reports. Peak alerts are issued the morning of and may be adjusted as conditions shift throughout the day. Delivery of Peak Alerts occurs in the dashboard and by email, SMS, and API. Your facilities demand data can be made visible and overlaid onto the dashboard.

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Step 4: Reporting

Your facility’s performance relative to the five peaks and other days where alerts occurred are woven into a report analysis and communicated with other members of your team.

This includes the amount of power your facility curtailed and the expected saving you will have locked-in for the coming year.

Follow the peak alert type best suited for your facility.

Load Curtailment

Not all loads are equally flexible or have the same lost cost to power down. We offer three alert types tracked to different probabilities of hitting all five peaks, balancing the number of alerts and number of hours called with accurate advanced notification. This methodology allows you to customize your approach.

Energy Storage

Identify the duration of your energy storage system, and we’ll identify the highest probability hours for which to discharge your systems. With limited energy duration, accuracy is paramount, while advanced notice and the number of overall alerts can be less critical.


With fewer constraints around energy duration, our generator alert allows for more generous coverage of boundary risk days and hours while layering in considerations for energy pricing.

More About Peak Alerts

Our Clients Say it Best

“Given the value of the Industrial Conservation Initiative, it is important to not solely rely on IESO data for decision making. Many factors play into peak forecasting which are all included in their prediction models, analysis and tools.

In addition, they are accessible, provide clear communications and are always developing their peak advisory service to better serve the customer.”

Ron Sauriol
Plant Manager, Winoa Canada Inc

“An Ontario based company with the best knowledge of the Ontario market. You see members of their team at different IESO meetings, so they do not only focus on Ontario demand but have an eye on the whole industry. In a rapidly changing market, this is important.”

Energy Manager
International Paper and Packaging Company

“The offering is as deep or as shallow as you wish. Users can either just use the notifications or go deep into the dashboard’s many analytical tools.”


Darren Borden
Energy Engineer, Weston Foods Canada Inc

“One of the most unique aspects of the service is the ability to speak with a knowledgeable person on peak days. Paired with their alerts, this helps us make confident curtailment decisions.”

Energy Manager
Large Integrated Mining Company

“The accurate predictions and clear communication process are highly valued by our organization. On top of that, they provide exceptional customer service and explanations of their analysis.”

Energy Supervisor
Large Integrated Steel Manufacturer

ICI and Global Adjustment

As an ICI participant, energy users can achieve large cost savings by reducing their demand at the same time as the provincial peaks. Understanding when these peaks will occur and taking appropriate action are the keys to enabling this significant saving opportunity. NRG Peaks has been reliably and successfully helping many of Ontario’s largest energy users achieve this since 2010.

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