Energy Market Operations
Energy Peak Analytics
Energy Peak Analytics

IESO Settlement and Accruals

Workbench Energy can help your organization manage its power bill efficiently and confidently by accurately forecasting monthly costs and ensuring billing accuracy.

Invoice Estimates

Receive an invoice estimate as early as five days before month end, availability automatically through the Workbench Energy Dashboard.

IESO Charge Reconciliation

Ongoing reconciliation of inputs against IESO charges to ensure accuracy and identify costly billing errors.

Dispute Resolution

Workbench Energy monitors, identifies, and submits Notice of Disagreements (NODs) on your behalf, ensuring your bill is accurate.
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Step 1: Confirm details of your IESO bill for a customized quote

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Step 2: Kick-off meeting to establish communication protocols and set up access to IESO systems

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Step 3: Begin receiving invoice estimates and be assured your power bill is accurate

Experienced Energy Professionals

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Combined and straightforward gas operations

Our team has direct experience with the commercial operation of several gas-fired generation facilities, understanding contract dynamics and operating requirements. We analyze and settle NUG and CES-style contracts

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Energy storage dispatch

Our team helps with the technical, operational, and commercial requirements for energy storage systems that are grid-connected or embedded to reach commercial objectives while operating in compliance with market rules and contract obligations.

Market Operations

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