About Workbench Energy
About Workbench Energy
About Workbench Energy

Software Enabled Services for Power and Carbon

Workbench Energy delivers power and carbon management solutions through its best-in-class software and services.

Peak Advisory Since 2010

NRG Peaks has provided the premium peak advisory service to Ontario’s largest power consumers since the beginning of the ICI program in 2010.

Peak Advisory

Market Operations Since 2012

Workbench Corp serves hundreds of megawatts of power assets in Ontario with their energy market desk and has been in operation since 2012.

Section Evolution

Merging Companies in 2019

Workbench Energy is a 2019 merger of two Ontario based power companies NRG Peaks Corp. and Workbench Corp, committed to offering a full set of electricity and carbon offerings to large power consumers, generators, and energy storage

Experience That Matters


Understanding Power Consumers

Our team has worked with many of Ontario’s largest power consumers for over a decade so we understand the unique challenges of being responsive to power system programs and markets.


Management of Power Generators

Our market operations team has managed commercial operations for small, medium and large sized power producers earning a wealth of knowledge we share with our customers.


Deep Energy Storage Expertise

Our team has worked in the energy storage industry for more than a decade, having led industry organizations and managed a wide range of energy storage projects.


Ontario Energy Market Specialists

Our broad set of experiences in the power industry and our specialized knowledge of the Ontario market means we can help you make smart decisions and support your on-going operations.

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