Energy Storage Market Operations
Energy Storage Market Operations
Energy Storage Market Operations

Energy Storage Solutions

Workbench Energy offers a set of integrated technical and administrative solutions for energy storage projects that combine best-in-class market operations with systems integration and monitoring for expert oversight of plant health and performance.

Energy Storage Market Operations

Energy Storage Market Operations

Workbench Energy’s experienced energy management team works with clients to develop and implement a full range of energy market operation services from market strategy through to scheduling and dispatch. This service ensures contract compliance and revenue optimization with complete market and contract settlements.

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Energy Storage Market Operations

Integration and Monitoring

Workbench Energy offers 24/7 remote monitoring and direct control of the BESS and balance of plant, offering a comprehensive solution to maximize uptime. Onsite SCADA Integration of Workbench Energy’s proprietary local gateway allows for seamless integration between the battery storage system, Workbench’s network operations centre, the system operator, and the client with a monitored and managed connection. Workbench Energy Managers continuously monitor battery facility health enabling operators to provide proactive and corrective issue resolution when system or BESS alarms are received.

Facility Operations

Facility Operations

Workbench Energy offers facility operations with 24/7 on-call technical operations support, operations reporting, and emergency response. Workbench is always available to troubleshoot, respond to trips, manage breakers, and coordinate action with relevant parties including grid operators and your maintenance team. Should emergency events occur, Workbench can act as the site emergency contact, coordinating response based on alarms and agreed protocols. Workbench will provide regular reports on system health including warranty analysis.

Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Workbench Energy provides a suite of technical support services focused on improving system availability and uptime. This includes scheduling of planned and unplanned maintenance with third party technical providers contracted by the client. Together with project owners, Workbench develops tailored inspection routines to meet the needs of the facility and minimize unplanned maintenance activities.

Experienced Energy Professionals

Our market operations team is comprised of experienced energy professionals who have managed multi-hundred-megawatt power plants, energy storage facilities of various technologies and configurations, and done extensive work with responsive loads in Ontario.

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Combined and Straightforward Gas Operations

Our team has direct experience with the commercial operation of gas-fired generation facilities, understanding contract dynamics and operating requirements. We analyze and settle both NUG and CES-style contracts.

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Energy Storage Dispatch

Our team helps with the technical, operational, and commercial requirements for energy storage systems that are grid-connected or embedded to reach commercial objectives while operating in compliance with market rules and contract obligations.

Market Operations

Our Clients Say it Best

“What is unique about Workbench is the team’s ability to understand and appreciate a wide variety of needs, from plant level operational to the most complex electricity market design, market compliance and regulatory policy changes.”

Keith Peddle
Plant Manager, Capstone Infrastructure, Cardinal Power of Canada

“Workbench has great knowledge of the IESO market, rules and requirements for specific contract types. They provide personalized service tailored to your needs. You don’t feel like you’re just another client. They answer questions promptly and get you the information you need.”

General Manager
Independent Power Producer with Operations throughout North America

“Workbench provides great customized energy related services. They are responsive, great collaborators and know many in the industry and at the IESO. They are positive, forward thinking and have always exceeded my expectations over the many years we have worked with them.”


Henry Oberholster
Associate Director Energy and Fleet, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

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