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Save more on Global Adjustment charges while minimizing downtime.

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This is where AI and power market experts converge to deliver the most accurate information for energy management.

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All 5 ICI peaks hit in 2019-2020 with advanced notice and ten alerts.

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Market dashboard features inspired by client energy managers from across industries.

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Maximize value for generators, energy storage, and loads with Workbench’s energy desk market operations.

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Ontario’s largest power consumers trust NRG Peaks.

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Ontario’s largest power consumers rely on us to accurately identify the risk of ICI peak hours

Trusted Expertise

We understand the existing and emerging risks as peak prediction gets increasingly complex.

Advanced AI Technology

Modern AI techniques fueled by exclusive data are tools that assist our experienced operators deliver the most accurate information.

Proven Success

Our customers represent the largest block of curtailment in Ontario.

Verifiable Results

We have verifiable results and references dating back to the beginning of the ICI program in 2010.

AI-Powered Platform that Delivers

Modern machine learning techniques allow us to process vast amounts of data from historical and forecasted data sets involving weather, power system variables, and curtailment activity. We make sense of the noise and deliver accurate, understandable and actionable information.

Exclusive Data Sets

With over 50% of the megawatts in the ICI program subscribing to NRG Peaks, our machine learning algorithms interpret the level of curtailment forecasted and active in the system at any moment providing unmatched insight into a critical element of peak prediction.

Features for Your Facility

See your facility data in real-time overlaid on the NRG Peaks dashboard and access customized reporting summarizing your curtailment activities.

Maximize Your Value with our Market Operations

Our 24 /7 energy desk provides energy storage, generators and large loads with the ability to maximize their value through participation in IESO markets and programs.

Unlock More Value

If you are a large load, behind the meter energy storage or generator, you can be extracting more value by participating directly in IESO programs like Demand Response and IESO markets like Operating Reserve.

Expert Platform

We maintain a 24 /7 energy desk with experienced market operators and a state-of-the-art software platform to help you every step of the way from preparing as a market participant to seamless market operations, settlements and reporting

Energy Market Operations

Experienced Energy Professionals

We’ve earned our reputation. Our team includes recognized industry leaders in load management, energy storage, generators and IESO operations who work together to support our platform services.

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Trusted Consultant to Ontario Energy Agencies

Expertise recognized and used by Ontario energy agencies for a variety of topics related to generation facilities, fuel management and settlements.

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Trusted by Private Operations

Engagements on special projects in the private sector for gas contracting, settlements, commercial contracts and settlement.

Specialty Consulting
Market Operations
Peak Advisory

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In 20 minutes, we can take you through our live dashboard, highlight critical features, peak alert history and show you how you’ll benefit from being an NRG Peaks subscriber.

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