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Earn More, Learn More and Emit Less

Workbench Energy helps large power users, energy storage systems, and generation facilities get the most from their power flexibility.

Match your power needs with a set of software enabled services to meet your company's energy management goals.

Peak Prediction

Peak Prediction

NRG Peaks, a service of Workbench Energy, is the premier peak prediction service in Ontario offering alerts designed for load curtailment, batteries, and on-site generation to reduce Global Adjustment costs. Get the edge with the most trusted service in Ontario, backed by an expert team and state-of-the-art software.


Power Services

Supercharge your electricity market operations. Services range from a power market dashboard to software enabled services supported by our expert 24/7 real-time energy desk to actively manage energy storage systems, generators, demand response participants and dispatchable loads.


Energy Storage Solutions

Workbench Energy offers a set of integrated technical and administrative solutions for energy storage projects that combines best-in-class market operations with systems integration and 24/7 monitoring for expert oversight of plant health and performance.

Custom Solutions for Distributed Energy Resources

Maximizing the value of your distributed energy resource can be complex. Responsive loads, energy storage systems and generators have different ways to earn value in the power system. Workbench Energy helps identify the right stack of opportunities and then, provides a full suite of services to ensure your success.

Energy Customers

Large Power Consumers

As the largest provider of load curtailment services in Ontario, Workbench Energy offers a range of services for large power consumers, including our leading NRG Peaks ICI peak prediction service to lower Global Adjustment charges, managed demand response services, and software tools to measure and report on electricity-based emissions.

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Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Energy storage has unique capabilities and limitations. Workbench Energy has a complete set of software-enabled services designed specifically for grid and embedded energy storage. We provide a full suite of energy management solutions for front-of-meter storage projects including market operation services, SCADA integration and monitoring, facility operations, and facility maintenance.  Embedded energy storage offerings include modified peak prediction alerts, direct demand response participation, energy market management including energy and ancillary services, and tools for calculating and reporting electricity emission metrics.

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Power Generation


Workbench Energy helps generation facilities operate smarter. Subscribers of Workbench’s market dashboard have electricity system data at their fingertips with easy integrations of private facility reports. Our market services team can optimize market strategies while our 24/7 real-time desk can execute on the plan with our team of market operation specialists.

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Calculate Global Adjustment Savings

What is your power flexibility worth?

Input your average peak demand (kW) and how much you can reduce (kW) to discover your complete power savings opportunity including global adjustment savings, use of load-displacement technology and demand response revenues.

Should you be a Class A customer?

Input your average peak electricity demand (kW) and average monthly usage (kWh) for a side-by-side comparison determine what rate class is right for your organization.

Peak Advisory

Let’s Schedule a Demo

In 20 minutes, we can walk you through our ICI Dashboard and show you how NRG Peaks can enhance your  GA savings efforts. 

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Ready for Expert Help?

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